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BPO is defined as a long term involvement of relationship between company and the third party for the mutual benefit for both the parties. Our operational excellence in the GYPR is like organizing and managing a successful event. Knowing the correct procedures of operations to excel and succeed to meet and exceed the customer requirements, their retention is a key to achieving operating organizational goals. By letting operational technologies unburden routine tasks, the GYPR are capable of assuming any type of call campaigns at a lower cost.

Whether the need for reduced turnover, improved sales and service, or address of training and development issues, the GYPR deliver the right tools to improve the quality of operations for the clients and subsequent achievement of goals.

The essential features offered by during operation that includes:

* Organization design and staff planning:

→ Assessing organizational and personnel needs
→ Defining functions and creating job descriptions
→ Training and coaching programs.

* Call Center Managers:

→ Different criteria for hiring supervisors
→ Training recommendations
→ Roles and responsibilities of the Managers
→ Professional development for Managers

* Customer service representatives (CSRs):

→ Qualities to look for in the CSRs while hiring them
→ Processes for developing CSR knowledge, skills and abilities
→ Measuring CSR performance

* Quality Assurance Programs:

→ Defining QA measurements
→ Developing measurement methodologies and processes Improving the feedback process for CSRs
→ Future changes and recommendations in quality monitoring

* Improvement initiatives:

→ Changes with impact on call center efficiency
→ Overall ranking of improvement initiatives

* Future improvement initiatives:

→ Short-term changes planned
→ Long-term changes planned

* Outsourcing

Business reasons for outsourcing

* Performance objectives:

→ Customer satisfaction performance objectives
→ Ranking of performance objectives
→ Biggest mistakes in CRM

* Customer Relationship Management

→ Elements of CRM strategy and its challenges
→ Negative and positive reactions to CRM

* Work-flow systems and procedures

→ Process mapping and developing service agreements and procedures
→ Defining compensation plans

* Change Management programs

→ This generates the positive gains desired throughout the organization


→ Low cost for resources
→ Superior quality on service quality and performance and productivity.
→ Improvement in Utilization
→ Risk migration